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    Speech and Debate has (hopefully) prepared me enough to successfully fight a red light ticket in the magnificent court of justice tomorrow. 

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Has a photo ever more perfectly summed up the younger generation’s addiction to technology 


    Has a photo ever more perfectly summed up the younger generation’s addiction to technology 

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fuck, man. war is hell.


    fuck, man. war is hell.

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    Inspirational pokemon photos.

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    I love it when others act like speech and debate people have no social lives. Uh — I spend my weekends in a suit talking to a bunch of other people about current events, philosophy, and literature. Do you know who else does that?

    Millionaires, world leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs…AND I GET BIG OL’ SHINY TROPHIES FOR DOING IT.

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    After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week.

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Man on the Moon 

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    "Judges are trained, professional, and unbiased."



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    Rarest and most precious of all are moments of true cosmopolitanism, when the frameworks of national identities, stereotypes and rivalries inherent in international football are momentarily transcended; when the football is just so good that it doesn’t matter who it is; when the story is better than victory or defeat; when the promise of a universal humanity is made emotionally tangible.

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